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Scraped Knees and Earthworms

Jul 22, 14 Scraped Knees and Earthworms

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Kids are really strange little people. Seriously, they are. Maybe it’s because they’re around us all the time that we often take for granted how extraordinary these diminutive, brilliant, not-yet-adults really are; then again, maybe it’s because we’re too busy convincing them that using their sibling as a...

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Loving Christ and Hating His Church: A Conversion Confession

Jul 21, 14 Loving Christ and Hating His Church: A Conversion Confession

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It’s been a long time since I’ve felt rejected upon walking into a church.  Sure, people continue to stare when I show up for daily Mass, but I know why.  It’s not because they don’t want me there, but because they’re still getting over the shock that I am there.  At twenty-four, I am easily fifteen years younger than the second...

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The Pope App

Jul 16, 14 The Pope App

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If you are like me, you like to try and keep up with all of the wonderful things Pope Francis is saying and doing to embody, proclaim, and inspire us all to live out the Gospel and God’s message of Love.

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“Ha! Wonder What the Cleaning Crew Thought?”

Jul 09, 14 “Ha!  Wonder What the Cleaning Crew Thought?”

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“Ha!  Wonder what the new cleaning crew thought?” This was my first thought as I walked back into my office after the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  You see, I have a new picture on my desk….. I started looking around.  I have things around me that definitely would tell a stranger that a Catholic works here.  Aside from my desk...

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A Child’s Lesson on Heaven

Jun 30, 14 A Child’s Lesson on Heaven

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One of my favorite aspects of my job is when I have the chance to teach the children. Unfortunately, as the Assistant Director, I don’t get to do that as often as I would like. I spend an inordinate amount of time in my office, emailing parents, inputting data, and planning events for the Religious Education program. I know that...

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Saint of the Day: St. Aloysius Gonzaga

The first-born son of seven kids, his parents had high hopes for him. His family was aristocratic and he was set to inherit it all. His dad wanted more than anything for him to become a soldier. He sent him off at the tender age of 5 to a military camp. But his heart was never in it. He was horrified by the violence that surrounded...

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Wake Me Up God!

This past winter in Michigan was L-O-N-G!  There was much snow, much ice and many dark days. This had an effect on my prayer time.  I got lazy.  I wanted to stay in bed where it was warm.  Sleeping longer in the morning was becoming a habit and the result was less time for prayer.  I tried to make up for it during the day, but I...

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4 Ways to Work on Your Prayer Life This Summer

May 29, 14 4 Ways to Work on Your Prayer Life This Summer

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So, the summer months are upon us. Most students are out of school. Those who teach those students are getting a small breather before preparing for the next year. I know for me, summer was an easy time for my prayer life to go stagnant. As a Catholic grad school student, I had easy access to a chapel and a couple opportunities to...

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Almost Human

May 26, 14 Almost Human

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Just a quick word of explanation: this post is very atypical for me, but I have had a very strong urge to add this to my blog since the moment that I first dreamed of it.  I had dabbled in short story writing, but it has primarily been the result of school assignments.  As much as I love fiction, I have never felt a strong desire...

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Taking God’s Lead

May 20, 14 Taking God’s Lead

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Tis’ the season of graduations! My Facebook feed is full of my friends and family members receiving and celebrating their degrees: High school diplomas all the way through Doctorates.  Just this past weekend, I myself participated in my own graduation ceremony from Creighton Graduate School with my Master of Arts in Ministry! I...

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Blessings of Blogging on

May 12, 14 Blessings of Blogging on

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Last June when I wrote my first blog post on the call to be holy, I was so excited to embark on this adventure and have a place to write about my experiences with the Lord.  Almost one year later, it continues to bring joy to others, especially to me. The first joy I experienced was being introduced to some amazing young people in...

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When The Priest Nails It In The Confessional

Nobody I know likes going to Confession.  It is a hard thing to do, admitting our sins, facing our falls.  But since it is something Jesus asks of us, I figure he knows what he is doing. On Divine Mercy Sunday, I entered the confessional.  There was a priest there that I had never met. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It’s...

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